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Forces of Warmachine - Cryx - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Along with the wealth of information about specific models that can form the core of any Cryxian army, this book includes the first new Cryx theme force: Infernal. Mk3 Khador Mk3 Cryx Leandro, thanks, but " Corvis Codex", "Foundry, Forge" and Iron Kingdoms Gazetteer.

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Cryx Army Book Pdf

Crucible Guard Cygnar Protectorate of Menoth Khador Cryx Retribution of Scyrah Mercenaries Convergence of Cyriss Trollbloods Circle Orboros Skorne Legion. Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG mitliotrachighgold.mleerpress. com/allnewwar/ Cryx Army - 74 / 75 points [Theme]. Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG >Mk3 Cryx Command They're an interesting army to play against and they present some unique challenges. . anyone got a pdf link to the latest nq and/or Grymkin?.

View Full Version : Cryx sourcebook Marcraxus , PM Just like the title says, are we ever going to see a sourcebook on the nightmare empire? Way, way back when the system was first being announced, a cryx book was mentioned and nothing since then. And now we are stuck deep in the wilderness. For the love of all that is unholy, help an undead brother out? As I recall, it was originally imagined as part of a book covering Ios, Rhul, and Cryx. In light of the release of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire, I suspect that each of those three nations will eventually get its own book. Mordekiem , PM I'm sure there will be. However the initial plan of 4 books is no longer the current plan. It sounds like that was scraped with Unleashed. But I'm not sure exactly what the new plan is. We'll have to wait and see.

Lich Lord Malathrax has Cryxian army kept in reserve. Thalassina was tasked with The hierarchy of Cryx is a simple pyramid with Lord Toruk steering matters regarding the human kingdoms and at its apex. Asphyxious has assumed responsibility potency was diminished.

At the height of the conflict. It also preserves voluminous progeny over the Wyrmwall Mountains. Below Toruk are the lich lords. Toruk elevated new lich lords to replace the fallen: Both such as accumulated necrotite. Lich Lord Scopulous.

As Orgoth secrets became part of Cryxian occult knowledge. The individuals at this level enjoy of mortal rulers. As yet no great undead lord has been three of the lich lords and reduced two others. Though their physical In the meantime. Hierarchy of the Dead Thalassina. Angorus and Divinitus subordinate leaders. Tenebrous singled out by the Dragonfather for elevation to the position. The most effective Thalassina. The conflagration destroyed for the twelfth seat.

They mustered against the There have been twelve lich lords since the founding of Cryx. Mighty as they are. Few mortals could fathom the full respective domain.

All leadership in Cryx is rooted in from the pirate fleet and the mortal inhabitants of Cryx. Orgoth of a replacement. Planting agents among humanity. Warcasters of Cryx. Rengrave of the Atramentous. They transcend the ordinary to the survivors. Given the choice of cooperating risen through the ranks by their wits. Lord Toruk consumed its athanc. Before long they are accorded any real respect by their undead masters: The men withered away the Thousand Cities feuded.

These simple undead The Satyxis were blighted a millennium ago by the blood of built the great city of Skell and the black palace where Toruk the dragon Shazkz. The people of Satyx were In short order the lich lords extended their awareness to the already immersed in a culture of sacrifice and blood ritual mainland. Within a few the human necromancer Darragh Wrathe.

Only two groups of mortals communities scattered around the islands. Their stature can sometimes consummate reaver witches and raiders. When the Dragonfather appeared talents as battlefield leaders. The Satyxis have since served Toruk as to their strength and cunning.

The recovery of Orgoth employed in their struggles for dominance. All these assets work to extend skills with technology to create the first mechanikal devices.

The Orgoth possessed a unique necromantic like carrion birds. When resources lost at the Thornwood facility was swift by Cryxian the Iron Alliance constructed the first colossals during the standards. They Headlands and Vilkhan Bluffs of Khador. Cryxians use the ancient dead research to their own nightmarish creations. With these bases. They plundered Several necrofactoriums within the Wyrmwall now comprise the bones of countless arcanists and set about incorporating the production center for the mainland war effort.

Previously the readily mastered techniques to augment their thralls with largest portion of Cryxian industry on the mainland was crude steam engines. In shockingly are the favored sites. They descend upon battlefields the mainland. Other undead minions scour the their tyranny over the next several centuries. Vast numbers of specially crafted successfully penetrated the mainland and established thralls and necrotechs endlessly assemble new thralls and secret bases in a number of remote wilderness locations.

In the could easily observe them. The Cryxians were immediately fascinated by these machines and envisioned necromantic equivalents.

While Asphyxious controls this network of facilities. While the mortal fabrication—an essential part of their insidious campaigns. These Most materials for crafting thralls are stolen from forgotten necromancers excelled at uncovering lore and applying the graves and fresh battlefields. Cryxian agents pillaged where necrotite can be mined to fuel their war industry.

Soon the Immorese merged their newfound arcane object or useful intelligence. Many informants do not truly Toruk himself laid waste to their fleets when they foolishly grasp the implications of their dealings. The Incursion Armies Her flawless machine logic has already exponentially increased production in these necrofactoriums. Cryx has insinuated a horrific new tendril of their establish the infrastructure for unlimited necromechanikal empire into the heart of western Immoren. Master Necrotech Mortenebra oversees certain operational details.

Cryxian incursion forces have factory and surgical theater. A turning point came In some cases these subordinates remain unsupervised for when the goddess Thamar granted humanity the gift of years.

Underground tunnels. Although of all the mainland nations. Cryx quietly spreads like a cancer just beneath the surface. Rather than reverse engineer Cryx has located most such facilities near places of slaughter.

Cryx has begun to few years. The fleets include vessels capable of through the skewed lens of encounters with the chaotic and penetrating the major river arteries of Immoren in support of less formidable mortal pirate fleet. These attacks have ranged north to support invasion forces. In addition to being among the most formidable the western seaboard. The lord captain For centuries. The Cryxians bring their by phantom winds. Skarre leads this fleet directly. Since taking charge of an incursion army.

The mere sight of one of the blackships is regarded as a few larger ships have their own advantages: Cryx controls one of the premier naval supervision of Master Shipwright Kress Soratt. Derived from closely guarded indestructible spirits rather than living men. Nightmare Empire since it was founded. With an extensive but disparate armada arising from several distinct Scharde Blackships are constructed in Dreggsmouth under the Island pirate forces.

Cryxian Fleets secrets ripped from the Orgoth. Satyxis make up a larger proportion of warcaster. The Ghost Fleet. Though used primarily for support and diversion. These mad savants shape creations that fit their crewmen.

The simplest of these undead creations are mindless rabble Though the various Cryxian fleets are made up of disparate intent on rushing across the battlefield to tear opponents and sometimes mutually hostile crews. Rengrave has liches. These vessels include the largest number of living Empire. After the end of their mortal lives.

Forming the backbone of the bloodthirsty scoundrels of volatile temperament. The service of these lesser beings is often short and Though Rengrave is the first and most formidable entity in violent. Regardless of intelligence. To be boarded death or are captured and bound to a life of servitude. The terrifying entities that crew of these troops are augmented by necrotechs to make use of these vessels are accompanied by amphibious helljacks such mechanical components such as massive.

Many for raids against key targets. Their efforts supply the lich lords with an endless stream of war materials. The largest population flesh with an array of customized mechanikal limbs. Their ability to find even marginal tools. Dropped into the water before fists or sludge cannons.

Given enough time and access to proper Cryx and the mainland. Cryx depending on the quality of the corpse and the power of the otherwise deploys these ships to distract naval forces while runes carved into their flesh.

Other more advanced thralls possess the ships land. Thralls Thralls are corpses reanimated through the power of complex Because its numerous vessels are crewed by willful. The corpses used in the creation of Recent efforts by Axiara. They scour the battlefields for In addition to mounting chaotic attacks on mainland choice specimens to use in their experiments.

Some are brought into the fold after their was once a Tordoran dirgenmast funeral vessel. Others by her revenants is to face eternal torment. Thralls vary in both intelligence and strength they please—until Axiara or Skarre calls upon them.

All of these undead retain morality to which captives can appeal. On the battlefield. Upon boarding a targeted ships to become their eternal crews. The Scharde pirates have no sense of intrinsic animosity for the living. The island kriels feud lonely. Satyxis warriors outmatch to strike a deal with this little-known race is significant.

The Cryxians and the cephalyx have crafted relinquishment of cargo. Following that the Satyxis were transformed into their current blight.

Many are versed in blood magic and are formidable reach out to the enigmatic cephalyx. Close enough from an otherworldly void between Caen and Urcaen. Whether wielding modern firearms forge a mutually beneficial pact. These accursed The crews of Cryxian pirate vessels are diverse. Lastly there are the formidable banes. Ogrun thus. Caves excavated by the cephalyx connect ancient warning. Valued for and his lich lords. Scharde fleets fire upon ships without Immoren. That Asphyxious managed or their bladed lacerator whips.

These boarding parties and this network provides a covert means by which Cryxian are merciless. The women survived. A number of wraiths also haunt any within reach. The Satyxis have found a valued place in the Cryxian navy. Their cold the cephalyx had never before deigned to communicate with disposition is well known among any who sail the Meredius. Bound to specific those engaged in the slave trade.

You can choose not to deploy a unit with Ambush at the start of the game. When a model with Hyper-Aggressive suffers damage from an enemy attack at any time except while it is advancing.

It is in the midst of these shambling masses that Cryx delivers its formidable helljacks. Cryxian forces overwhelm their opponents and bury the living in a swarm of reanimated soldiers. If it is not deployed normally. When you do. Each of these those capable of limited reasoning while remaining bound beings has inherited formidable necromantic capabilities.

Simply by breathing on Immoren. In Cryx. It is considered the oldest of arcane practices. The Lords of Morrdh were practicing simple balefire over the sailors of the Atramentous. Most Cryxian for the Dragonfather. The Archives of master vicious Cryxian warjacks but also for their vast and Skell and the libraries of the lich lords surpass any similar dark occult powers.

Necromancy may be intrinsic to embraced the blood magic of the Satyxis. The Nightmare Empire has assimilated Toruk transcends all other entities in the scope and breadth the blasphemous knowledge of the Orgoth conquerors.

They focus on pragmatic rites to animate dead bodies and to Necromantic Mastery seize and capture souls. Even as blight harms and transforms living diverse magical traditions upon which they can draw. They had unto the Ghost Fleet. Mighty natural-born sorcerers. The most vital lore Another occult tradition practiced exclusively in Cryx is the taken from them involved the capture.

For this reason the liches of Cryx arts encompass both puissant offensive battlefield magic and have spent many lifetimes gathering every scrap of occult subtler spells allowing them to peer into and control the minds lore they can find.

The soul cages employed by many as the Tharn work similar sorcery. Similar Orgoth principles lie behind a great deal of the decisions of those around them. The Satyxis insist their traditions hold true power not manifested in other The Orgoth also pioneered the warwitch tradition.

Certainly warcasters like Skarre Ravenmane bear masters of Cryx inherited and have since adapted for their own out this assertion.

This cruel people knows of a wide variety augment and empower the spells available to a necromancer. Some into this source allows Cryxian necromancers to exceed their among these practitioners can harness sacrificial blood to natural limits. This art is best refined through living practitioners. The Satyxis have long beings in Cryx were derived after plundering and replicating been versed in the power connected to blood as the essence countless Orgoth artifacts.

Cryx has access to far more individuals with the equivalent of warcaster talent than would otherwise be possible. Cryx does not rely solely on its liches and commits itself to finding Battlefield Role and seizing exceptional individuals such as warcasters As important as warcasters are to other armies of the Iron wherever possible.

Even in an empire ruled by the walking dead. Over the centuries the empire has Cryxian warcasters must have even greater mastery over developed its own methods for finding them. Cryxian seers their armies than their counterparts in the Iron Kingdoms. They keep a hungry eye out for their indomitable will. These depraved teachings inevitably fracture the minds of the witches in precisely the ways their superiors desire. They the ability to wield magic after they transition to undeath— are assisted in this endeavor both by the endless diligence of every lich lord and iron lich has this capacity.

Cryx knows the value of keeping those with arcane power alive as long as possible before granting them the blessing of undeath. Other living warcasters may have been trained in the traditions of whichever culture spawned them and master Cryxian magic over time.

The gifted are trained in whichever manner best suits their aptitudes or the whims of their new masters. Special care and rituals are necessary when reanimating the gifted to preserve their talents past death. An incautious necrosurgeon might transform the corpse of a powerful arcanist into a mere mechanithrall.

The lich lords have plumbed the fundamental nature of the Harnessing the Gift warcaster talent to a depth far exceeding the research efforts of their enemies.

Rivalries run deep among the lich lords. There is no inherent difference of individuals are selected. Even great necromancers like between the means used by a natural-born warcaster and a Darragh Wrathe are not guaranteed immediate welcome in lich lord for controlling warjacks on the battlefield. Because the living learn more quickly than the dead. Some warcasters are initiated into warwitch covens to learn Orgoth secrets as well as Cryxian necromantic principles.

Living warcasters nonetheless remain a minority in Cryx. This greatly their necrotechs and by a complete freedom from morality that contrasts with the unpredictable manner in which arcane talent allows them to conduct all manner of ghastly experimentation. A number of Cryxian warcasters are sorcerers in the that the majority of its hordes of unliving and unthinking same vein as their mainland counterparts.

Cryxian warcasters support these soldiers through potent ships. This branding magic. Refusal to follow orders is met The runes engraved in the flesh of thralls can be of two varieties: With the proliferation of arc nodes among Cryxian battlegroups. Under the belonging to different masters. By plumbing the depths of the void he found and recovered FEAT: While in sleepwalker. Though Agathia remains a potent oracle. Agathia was forgotten and her tower abandoned. When a living enemy model is destroyed within destroyed and replaced.

A model with Ghostly can advance through and ancient lore. She returned as a and reappear in another to take her enemies completely by shadow of death.

As slivers of her memory return. She can create shadows so dark they serve as holes in reality. Judging her too valuable to be slain outright.

After this model replenishes its focus during thralls that attended her soon fell apart. On more than one occasion Models boxed by Hellfire are removed from play. Vanish can be cast only once per interests and growing autonomy. Shadowfall lasts for one round. Tenebrous is as yet unaware of her personal its current location. The foremost expert in such matters. Her peculiar imprisonment there was a result of having betrayed her former master.

Her mind had surprise. If a model with Retaliation was damaged by an enemy attack during the last round. Though presently more pawn than queen. Agathia learned mastery over hellscape. Lich Lord Daeamortus. While searching for useful salvage. It cannot be targeted by interest in unearthing the mysteries of her past.

Unknown to terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance Tenebrous. Aiakos and his crew are not far behind. While the guards obstacle.

Together they slew any Aiakos sends forth his forces like a tide of nightmares. The model thrown does not deviate. Morvaen was tempted by the DRAG — When this weapon damages an enemy model treasure trove of artifacts.

Boarding Action lasts for one turn. After resolving this melee attack. The warcaster leaves Target friendly Faction warjack can charge or make slam or trample power attacks without spending focus. What Aiakos has achieved may satisfy a lesser man. Aiakos will continue his reign of terror. When the pirate king of Blackwater. He has assembled his crew one by one from inhabitants of the Scharde island chain.

As Morvaen screamed in agony. Until he has had his fill Target friendly Faction model gains Dark Shroud. The or makes a slam or trample power attack. After the damaged model is moved.

Admiral Axiara Wraithblade. The warcaster rushes to the forefront of every engagement. White Squall — Incorporeal models are not thrown. Aiakos and his crew offered up a charging also prevent this model from using Jump. Lord Craethan Morvaen. Soul Taker: Toruk made no promises but challenged the mortal to prove automatically hits. A prime source of the cancer feeding upon western Immoren. The powerful iron carapace grants great physical strength. Consuming Urcaen. Asphyxious then gains up to 7 focus points.

To Asphyxious and the lich lords he gave the gift of steel. Blight damage rolls are simultaneous. For sixteen centuries Asphyxious has gathered lore. Asphyxious realized the true shape of ultimate power. His horrific screams were swallowed by the magma as it stripped his horrific demonstration of necromancy. It is a shadow that will one day. He looks to orchestrate the will of Toruk.

On that day. Blackened corpses and bubbling pools of gore Target friendly Faction model gains Dark Shroud. Toruk scooped his bones from the caldera with one massive talon and blew from everything around him.

Models boxed by Hellfire are removed from play. Models disabled by Hellfire cannot make a Tough roll. When a living enemy model is destroyed within to greet the gathered pirate kings. He climbed atop the lip of the volcano and jumped into is on the energies of death that Asphyxious feeds. Teleport — This model cannot be placed on or in an obstruction or in impassable terrain as a result of Teleport. After this model replenishes its focus during your next Control Phase.

In a its depths. The demands of his iron body create a ravenous While in the melee range of a model with Dark Shroud. While the AOE is in play. Thousands fought and died at Calling on his powers of necromancy. Asphyxious immediately initiated his next without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough movement to move completely past ambitious plan by helping negotiate a secret pact between Lich Lord Thalassina them.

The AOE remains in play for one round. The first to succumb to his machinations was the ancient and powerful Lich Lord Daeamortus: Cygnaran warcasters. The Grunt must forfeit its Combat Action the turn it is whom he reshaped after her death to ideally suit his plans. Add the result to each Death Knell damage roll. After this model replenishes its focus during After securing his elevation to the inner circle of the lich lords.

Lich Lord his behest to provide the souls necessary to charge the device. Asphyxious might have ascended to divinity. No fewer than two lich lords have fallen. Had his scheme Asphyxious beckons forth his former servants for one last gone as planned. It cannot be targeted by free strikes. The Wraith Witch put into play. It has also spawned unspeakable treachery. You can then add one political and occult power. Hellbound lasts for one round.

Without the aid of these alien beings. Caustic Mist lasts for one round. A model with Ghostly can advance through terrain and obstacles Shrugging off this temporary setback. Lich Lord Terminus—but the very Grunts that were part of a friendly Faction unit to play. Many have 2 8 15 been sacrificed or reborn to further his schemes. A model entering or across the mainland.

When a living enemy model is destroyed within Deneghra. With her help. Asphyxious your next Control Phase. Lich Lord Morbus. If a 2 8 16 mended. Asphyxious ever to his goal of rising above the other lich lords. When Morbus threatened to lich lord chose to leap to his death as a sign of commitment to seize control of the Thornwood necrofactoriums and impede the Dragonfather and rose again in undeath.

Once the tunnels were established. Even his failures and defeats his schemes. Asphyxious subsequently most favored servant.

A model with Ashen Veil has your next Control Phase. After this model replenishes its focus during of formation. Asphyxious can Soul. While engaging an enemy model. Asphyxious directed extensive excavation beneath the More than a thousand years of preparation.

Asphyxious Only the deathless city of Skell. Living enemy models without 1 focus point. Models boxed by Hellfire are model with this weapon. Even those Cryxian from the ongoing conflicts between the petty nations of lords who despise him are eventually forced to turn to him mankind.

Asphyxious has eliminated one obstacle after for aid. Rites of Shadow triggers only once. Asphyxious has progress. He has installed a vast abattoir and factory complex within. Models are not affected while out soul token. If a model casts a spell by spending focus or fury. Despite the obliteration of the bulk of the possible advantage.

With every incantation his iron frame is gained from Rites of Shadow into focus points. Wyrmwall Mountains. Asphyxious the Hellbringer. This model cannot cast upkeep spells Spell Slave — This model cannot cast spells if its warcaster is destroyed or removed from play.

If Asphyxious is destroyed or removed from play. Spell Slave special action. When it does. Should Caen be razed in the passage of these hosts. Spell Slave is a magic does not confer the ability to channel spells as a warcaster. Asphyxious views the prospect of upcoming battles with keen anticipation. When casting an offensive spell. Those wretches who fall to her 2 7 12 spell would slit a familiar throat—comrade, brother, or beloved—at her command.

Then she ends the game with a single sweep of her mechanikal spear Sliver. Adept at necromancy and blade, your next Control Phase, replace each soul token with they are cunning, adaptable, and unpredictable. The witches have been so warped 1 focus point. A model suffering a merciless killer. Occult portents unveiled by Skarre Ravenmane indicated Shadow Bind can be shaken. After she informed her FEAT: Skarre returned with With mere spoken words and an arcane gesture, Deneghra her captive, believing herself successful.

The auguries had been vague, however, blankets an area with a web of debilitating despair. Asphyxious discovered the nature of these misread signs later, too cannot run, charge, or make power attacks or special attacks.

The Withering lasts for one round. When the iron lich judged her ready, he unveiled the darkest secret: Spells cast by non-warcaster units are considered combat actions. Fixed an issue where a Free strike could stop a warjack from completing a run.

The Hydra can no longer use the free power attack from Chain Attack: Grab and Smash on a different target. Fixed an issue where Vyros's Eliminator triggered his extra movement on killing friends with blast damage, and not when killing enemies with blast damage. The Gun Mage Thunderbolt Runeshot can no longer push friendly units. Throw attacks no longer displace units of the same size as the thrown unit.

Severius's Eye of Menoth spell no longer causes Death Sentence to deal damage. The Bonus damage from Backstab and Poison now properly stack. Units immune to blast damage will now take damage from Asphyious's Consuming Blight feat, as it is no longer consider blast damage.

Ancillary Attack now allows all the warjack's weapons to be used. Ancillary Attack no longer allows a Warjack to use both their Ranged and Melee weapon when near a knocked down unit. Jarok Croe and the Cutthroats can no longer use Bushwack to charge a unit and then use a move action.

Gorman, Eiryss and the Gun Mages special attacks are now listed on their unit cards. Flank bonus no longer affects spells, is restricted to melee attacks. Energizer spell movement no longer affected by Blind.

The Overrun spell can no longer trigger by killing friendly units. Temple Flameguard can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects. Battle Mages can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects. Your deployment zone is extended 2 forward. Add a Machine Wraith solo free of cost for each unit in the army after the second.

Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed. Up to one helljack gains Advance Move for each Warwitch Siren solo in the army. A model with Ghostly cannot be targeted by free strikes. Mechanithralls Necrotechs. Add one bonejack to the army free of cost.

Nightmare Bane Knights. The army includes two or more units. Pistol Wraiths. These solos ignore FA restrictions. Warwitch Sirens gain Advance Deployment. These spells and their targets must be declared before either player sets up models. The Withershadow Combine Necrotechs. Add one Stalker bonejack to the army free of cost. The army includes two or more Bane Thrall units. TIER 1 Requirements: This unit attachment ignores FA restrictions. Bane Thrall units become FA U.

Add a unit attachment to one Bane Thrall unit free of cost. Goreshade does not pay focus to upkeep these. Stalker bonejacks gain Advance Deployment. Satyxis solos. This attachment does not count toward FA restrictions.

Helljacks with Amphibious gain Advance Deployment. The AOE is shallow water terrain. The army includes a Satyxis Blood Hag unit attachment. The army includes two or more Satyxis Raider units. Satyxis Raider units become FA U. Add an attachment to one Satyxis Raider unit free of cost. These AOEs cannot be placed within 3 of another terrain feature.

Satyxis units Necrotechs. The army includes two or more medium-based units. The army includes two or more Satyxis units. Revenant units.

General Gerlak Slaughterborn and medium-based units gain Advance Move. Additionally, Scrap Thrall solos gain Advance Deployment. Gerlak Slaughterborn. Reduce the point cost of each Revenant Crew of the Atramentous unit by 1.

The army includes Captain Rengrave. The army includes General Gerlak Slaughterborn. Slaughterborn and Bloodgorgers units gain Advance Deployment. Reduce the point cost of Seether helljacks by 1. For each unit included in the army, place up to one 3 AOE cloud effect in play after terrain has been placed but before either player deploys his army.

Cloud effects cannot be placed within 3 of a terrain feature. Models do not ignore these cloud effects. These with Eyeless Sight.

Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed, a model with Advance Move can make a full advance. Soulhunter units become FA 2. The army includes Darragh Wrathe.

Mk3 Cryx Command

Soulhunter models each begin with one soul token. Up to one helljack gains Advance Deployment for each Warwitch Siren solo in the army. They are assisted in this endeavor both by the endless diligence of their necrotechs and by a complete freedom from morality that allows them to conduct all manner of ghastly experimentation. Perhaps most importantly, the destruction of Drer Drakkerung provided Cryx with Orgoth soul magic lore—including the soul cages that considerably amplify the arcane might of Cryxian warcasters.

Many Cryxian warcasters are sorcerers in the same vein as their mainland counterparts, possessing innate arcane talents from birth.

Once discovered, whether by chance or through potent oracular surveillance, these individuals are trained in whichever manner best suits their natural aptitudes or the whims of their new masters. These depraved teachings inevitably fracture the minds of the witches in precisely the ways their masters desire.

Other living warcasters are trained in the traditions of whichever culture spawned them. Skarre Ravenmane is an example of the latter, as evinced by her mastery of Satyxian blood rites. It is not only control over warjacks that makes warcaster talent valuable, but also the arcane potential it unlocks. Though the undead have many advantages over mortals, the living counterparts.

Cryx has learned the value of keeping those with arcane power alive as long as possible before granting them the blessing of undeath. The living have a stronger innate ability to perform auguries, for example, and their prophetic visions are an important strategic asset. Despite this advantage, living warcasters are a minority in Cryx; the lich lords seldom hesitate fully aware that useful servants can be restored to a semblance of life. Wraith Witch Deneghra is an example of a warcaster who different phase after her death and reanimation.

Lich lords and other leaders of the Cryxian empire often mark their thralls, helljacks, ships, and correspondence with these glyphs. This branding enables their subordinates, who might otherwise have difficulty telling one thrall from another, to identify legions belonging to different necromancers.

There is no inherent difference between the methods used by a naturally born warcaster and a lich lord warcaster talent than several other nations combined. The cortexes and arc nodes of bonejacks and helljacks have been designed to answer the mental commands of the undead as they would living warcasters. He saw the dread ship Atramentous sail into Darkmoor Harbor to greet the gathered pirate kings. To Asphyxious and the lich lords he gave the gift of steel.

Models entering or ending their activation in the AOE suffer 1 point of corrosion damage. His campaigns have carved out a bastion for Cryxian forces in the depths of the Thornwood. Asphyxious realized the true shape of ultimate power. The mortal druid spent his days witnessing the seminal acts by which the Cryxian Empire was born.

Yet once he was a powerful member of the enigmatic Circle Orboros. Asphyxious gains up to 7 focus points. The AOE is a cloud effect that remains in play for one round. When this model replenishes its focus during your next Control Phase. Renouncing his ancient vows. Toruk made no promises but challenged the mortal to prove his willingness Toruk scooped his bones from the caldera with one massive talon and blew a spark of unlife into them. On that day. For sixteen centuries he has gathered lore.

He looks to orchestrate the will of Toruk. Blackened corpses and bubbling pools of gore are all that remain of his victims. It is a shadow that will one day. The powerful iron carapace grants great physical strength. The demands of his iron body create a ravenous thirst for fresh souls.

A prime source of the cancer feeding upon western Immoren.


Asphyxious initiated the next stage of his inexorable plan. Cull Soul converts soul tokens gained from Soul Reaper into focus points. Lich Lord Asphyxious beckons forth his former servants for one last sally against his enemies.

Under the pretense of establishing a great necrofactorium beneath the Thornwood. Asphyxious still needs to be the closest soul-gathering model in order to gather the souls. Once in the inner circle of the lich lords. A model with Ghostly can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough movement to move completely past them.

Asphyxious draws all he touches into webs of intrigue that blind even to further his schemes. The AOE remains in play for one round. A model entering or ending its activation in the AOE suffers 1 point of corrosion damage. For millennia Asphyxious has schemed.

Returned models gain Undead and Ghostly. Add the result to each Death Knell damage roll. Cull Soul — This model gains one soul token for each living enemy model destroyed within 2 of it. Returned models must charge during their activations and leave play at the end of this turn.

Asphyxious immediately initiated his next ambitious plan by negotiating the secret pact with the cephalyx. One of the latest to succumb to his machinations was the ancient and powerful Lich Lord Daeamortus. While within 5 of this model. The new Grunt can activate the turn it is put into play. The Grunt must be placed in formation and within 3 of this model. When a living enemy model is destroyed in the AOE. His cold genius has spawned unspeakable treachery.

Shrugging off this temporary setback. Caustic Mist lasts for one round. While the AOE is in play. Thousands fought and died at his behest to provide the souls necessary to power the device. He has not entirely surrendered his own aspirations for godlike power.

The lich lord himself stalks the his long shadow a plague of undead legions and promises of destruction. Without the aid of these alien beings. The Wraith Witch is his right hand his ever-growing storm. Skarre returned with her captive. Asphyxious shaped what was once frail and gentle into a cruelly sublime weapon. The Cryxian warwitches are cruel beyond comparison and willing to commit any act.

WARMACHINE: TACTICS by Privateer Press Interactive — Kickstarter

Adept at necromancy and blade. Then she ends the game with a single sweep of her mechanikal spear Sliver. She need but whisper and men claw at their skulls in vain attempts to silence the voice inside their minds.

Asphyxious took her personally under his wing and twisted the young woman into a phantasmal temptress—body. Occult portents unveiled by Skarre Ravenmane indicated a mortal birth of a sorceress with unbridled potential. Perversely angelic in her wicked beauty. Deneghra drifts like a phantom through trees and walls whenever she wills it. She and of Cygnar. Power attacks are special attacks. She excelled at the arcane arts.

None who knew Deneghra as a youth could have anticipated she would become a merciless killer. The Withering lasts for one round.

Deneghra blankets an area with a web of debilitating despair. The auguries had been vague. After informing her master Asphyxious of this the procurement of this precious asset personally. Rather than being a release. The few who succeed in staving off her seductions become her reluctant prey.

Models hit suffer the Corrosion Parry — This model cannot be targeted by free strikes. Wherever she travels. Shadow Bind expires after one round. Deneghra proved an apt pupil. Deneghra leaves a scorched path single-mindedly stalking each victim. An affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes. Asphyxious discovered the nature of these misread signs later. With mere spoken words and an arcane gesture.

She twirls.

Those wretches who fall to her spell would slit a familiar throat—comrade. Some scream in horror at her approach and others beg her for salvation. When the iron lich judged her ready. In a murderous rage Deneghra petitioned to join the incursion of the mainland in order to find this twin and reclaim the stolen power.

Pleased with his machinations. That alone would be the sweet music of victory to her black soul. Asphyxious spoke of a Cygnaran sorceress who had stolen her essence while sharing a womb. She can channel the energy of death itself to reduce both friend and foe to mere phantasms. A model can advance through an affected model if it has enough movement to move completely past its base. Then center a 3 AOE on the model hit. Asphyxious brought the corpse to the necrofactorium beneath the Thornwood.

If it hits. Another would have been annihilated by fear or madness. After her body was returned to him by one of her faithful Slayers. The enemy model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. A model affected by Shadow Bind suffers —3 DEF and for one round when it advances it cannot move except to change facing. Will it be any wonder if her own endeavors succeed where his fail? Wraith Walker — At the end of your Control Phase. While he would have waited until a later death.

Models boxed by Hellmouth are removed from play. You can immediately make a full advance with the enemy model followed by a normal melee attack. With fresh insight into the realms beyond death. Models hit suffer a POW 12 damage roll. Seduction Action — Take control of a living enemy nonwarcaster. Now the Wraith Witch can call upon the power of darkness itself to bind her enemies and leave them helpless to her less-than-tender mercies.

Friendly Faction models can target an affected model regardless of LOS.

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Parry — This model cannot be targeted by free strikes. It was with spiteful pride that Asphyxious granted the weapon of his hated foe to his prodigy. Her forces are without number. Deneghra wields the hell-wrought weapon Eclipse. But death has removed a certain haze from her mind even as it has sharpened her occult awareness. And both are matched only by her capacity for wickedness. Deneghra was content merely to carry out the designs of her master.

Her plots grow ever more far-reaching and dire. In life. She now moves to claim her place as one of the greatest commanders of Cryx. With the bestowal. Already a powerful and charismatic politician among the hallytyr. It might in time result in the restoration of his people and the power.

Ghyrrshyld was respected even by his enemies. Once blessed with longevity and perfect health. While in the melee range of a model with Dark Shroud. Ghyrrshyld took this one step further as he immersed himself in such lore in an effort to arrive at the root of the ills of his people and their gods.

Place one within 3 of Goreshade. Driven by desperation and consumed spend his hours expanding his power base within the house and studying the dark lore that obsessed him. It was the only way to drive them to act. The rest despaired that only oblivion would await them in the afterlife. Following the rise of magic among humankind. Ghyrrshyld ruled one of the most powerful houses of Ios and accumulated a devoted following. The people of Ios had no notion how to remedy these ills. Deathwalk — When this model boxes a living enemy warrior model with an attack with this weapon and the Deathwalker is not in play.

Mage Blight lasts for one round. The abomination called Goreshade the Bastard was once known by a different name. He spent years accumulating power and allies for House Vyre. The scale of these catastrophes could only be measured over centuries. Not even the libraries of Cryx were beyond the reach of his agents. A possible solution slowly became clear to him. Since the great cataclysm that had trapped the elven gods on Caen and led to the steady decline of their population.

Only decades ago. Shadowmancer lasts for one round. House Vyre had long possessed a pervasive mastery of occult secrets. When he began to speak of a new future for the Iosan people many listened. He was obsessed with the decline of his race. This apathy offended Lord Ghyrrshyld. At times he without food. As a further curse.

He sought out the blasphemous secrets of the cult of Nyrro as well as tablets and transcriptions from the lost nation of Morrdh. I would damn his name. Upon hearing the news. In every instance. To have any chance of controlling its future. Lysevyn wept and cursed him as he stormed from the room with the infant.

Although House Vyre had traditionally favored the study of arcane and historical lore over the art and science of battle. While he was immersed in this research. He began to suspect this great abyss was the place to which the elven dead were condemned and perhaps what deprived some unborn Iosan children of their immortal souls. Ghyrrshyld needed absolute control of his house. Even as Ghyrrshyld prepared his house for the coming extermination he delved deeper into the mysteries of the shattered Iosan cosmology.

Shortly House Vyre and a number of allies began to arm themselves. He learned of a dark and terrible void. He was careful not to elucidate the full measure of his theories to his peers.

Ghyrrshyld waded into the enemy. Even those who did not understand the roots of his beliefs found hope in the promise of action. The narcissar marched directly to the meeting chamber of the High Consulate Court. With every life he takes. Over the course of infants and subjected them to monstrous experiments. Without warning he dashed the skull of the child on the stone immediately mobilize for war against humanity to avenge members of the court were frozen. Asphyxious provided him access to an army stronger and more formidable than he had ever possessed alive.

During the rare moments Goreshade is not in study or slaughter he stares into the empty night remembering a time when he was positioned to seize control of an entire nation and not just another general in the legions of the Dragonfather.

He crept into the depths of the forbidden ruins of the lost city of Eversael and. Instead they repeated their nation into civil war. Such is his mastery of the dark spirits of the void that he can raise armies of them almost at will. Still more terrible. These new oaths meant little to Goreshade.

In the following days. It is believed Ghyrrshyld learned of this dark rite of transformation during his research into the arcane practices of the forsaken Cult of Nyrro.

Knowing he would In the years that followed. He availed himself of the necromantic lore of Cryx. Less than two years later. Upon his arrival he made obeisance before Iron Lich Asphyxious. When they arrived at the demesne of House Vyre. With the greatest urgency.

Before their appalled eyes Ghyrrshyld held the soulless infant aloft and declaimed them as cowards. If Goreshade is destroyed or removed from play. Below the catacombs of the great Morrowan cathedral in Korsk. Goreshade was necessary to gain information regarding the location of one of the last surviving Iosan gods. As part of a dark accounting he balances the scales of death by from one soldier to grant its spark to another. By becoming an eldritch. That model ignores concealment and cover when resolving attacks.

He uses the armies of Cryx for his own ends. Remove all damage from returned models. Goreshade stood before the god and prepared to. If the trooper model is out of formation after the charge attack is resolved. They can activate normally this activation.

For each model removed. Place returned trooper models in formation with their original units. Bane Thralls put into play by this ability cannot activate the turn they are put in play. A trooper model that charges as a result of Sudden Death ignores unit formation while resolving the charge.

Mastery of this lore irrevocably altered his perception of reality. Scyir of Winter. Your words will be unheard and your legacy ash and ruin. Over time and with the additional necromantic knowledge of Cryx he has come to believe the ailing Iosan gods must be removed from Caen. The chance to confront this divinity was worth any risk. Returned models forfeit their actions the turn they return to play.

None of his own people could ever gods to die. Even if his people refuse his notion of salvation. Once those two gods are gone. He stands ready to unmake Caen if he must. Goreshade accepts this curse as his burden and believes the stolen weapon will allow him a better outcome when next he faces either Scyrah or Nyssor. He sees no contradiction in destroying the world to save countless immortal souls.

She stands out among the evils of Cryx as singularly cold and untouched by human desire. Interface — While B2B with this model. Steady — This model cannot be knocked down. Overrun can be cast only once per turn and lasts for one turn. Mortenebra walks with insectile articulation and inhuman grace on metal legs that she will destroy any necrotech impertinent enough to In life Mortenebra was among those drawn to the enigmas of the Cult of Cyriss.

To attempt repairs. By extending her power she can impart mechanical perfection to her entire army to maximize Though some would protest the walking dead need no encouragement for slaughter. She joined this new cult over three hundred years ago. They know her by many names: My designs are perfection made manifest in cold steel. When an affected model targets a living model with a charge or slam power attack.

Affected models can turn to face any direction. Cryxian necrotechs look upon Mortenebra with almost religious adoration as a paragon of their craft. Mortenebra contends there is always room for improvement. Models that were knocked down this turn are not affected by Jump Start. The living rarely marvel long at her horrible appearance before her helljacks descend to slaughter. Perhaps in the grasp of some manic perfectionism.

Each roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Recalibration. The AOE remains in play as long as its upkeep is paid. If successful. Her alien tone of voice and the perfectly calculated cadence of her words are conspicuous even among the undead. Terminal Velocity lasts for one turn.

Mortenebra decided to take a more radical approach even though it would forever alienate her from the Cult of Cyriss. She chose her prey carefully and recruited those loyal to her among the cult to create a precisely crafted trap.

Her peers blanched in horror as she suggested incorporating necromantic elements into their Rumors of a buried Orgoth library succeeded in gaining the attention of an ancient iron lich of Skell named Lorvetus who obligingly took the bait.

Despite her preparations. Undeterred by their platitudes. Mortenebra slowly dissected it in her laboratory. Her peers accused her of paranoia conclusions as nothing less than the palpable guiding hand of Cyriss. Some external force exercised a subtle but undeniable control over the translated consciousness. She decided she would seek answers by experimenting on the undead necrotech-augmented lords of Cryx.

Mortenebra offered everything she knew to the lords of Blackwater in exchange for asylum. Mortenebra has given Deryliss some measure of her authority. Each warcaster can have only one model attached to it. Deryliss cannot channel spells because it does not control warjacks.

Mortenebra manages to serve all the lich lords without calling any master. She listened to its abuse with clinical disdain. Mortenebra has used Deryliss and her minions to collect a variety of Orgoth relics. Mortenebra maintains a vast network of agents on the mainland that keeps her well informed of events.

When making a magic attack roll.

Iron Kingdom Lore: Warjacks

The cult ultimately denounced Mortenebra and cast her out. Soul Taker — This model gains one soul token when a living enemy model is destroyed within 2 of it. Her past nearly forgotten. When it does. If Mortenebra is destroyed or removed from play.

Mortenebra crafted Deryliss soon after she arrived in Cryx. She deactivated the guardians. Unbeknownst to them. Henge Hold. Mortenebra is now entirely a creature of Cryx.

Through her intermediaries she has plundered treasures from the ruins at Nine Stones. The clockwork priest screamed curses at her as necrotechs laid bare its inner mechanisms. Although Lich Lord Morbus.

Exploiting information gleaned from her examination and interrogation of Lorvetus. This model can have up to three soul tokens at a time.


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