Chasing lincolns killer book Chasing Lincoln's Killer (): James L. Swanson: Books. Chasing Lincoln's Killer book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Based on rare archival material, obscure trial manuscri. This book, based on Swanson's adult bestseller, "Manhunt: The Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer," is a true account for young readers about John.

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    Chasing Lincolns Killer Book

    Based on James Swanson's bestselling adult book Manhunt: The Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer, this young people's version is an accessible look at the. Get this from a library! Chasing Lincoln's killer. [James L Swanson] -- "This story is true. All the characters are real and were alive during the great manhunt of. The YA version of Swanson's bestselling Manhunt, this account of Lincoln's assassination and the day search for his killer reads like a.

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    Lincoln described recent events and gave credit to Union General Grant and his officers for the successful end to the war. He also discussed his desire that black people, especially those who had served in the Union army, be granted the right to vote.

    As Lincoln spoke, one observer, Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker, standing a few steps from the president, remarked that the lamplight made him "stand out boldly in the darkness. He could be shot down from the crowd," she whispered," and no one would be able to tell who fired the shot. In that crowd standing below Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth. He turned to his companion, David Herold, and objected to the idea that blacks and former slaves would become voting citizens.

    In the darkness Booth threatened to kill Lincoln: On the evening of April 13, Washington celebrated the end of the war with a grand illumination of the city.

    Public buildings and private homes glowed from candles, torches, gaslights, and fireworks. It was the most beautiful night in the history of the capital.

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    John Wilkes Booth saw all of this — the grand illumination, the crowds delirious with joy, the insults to the fallen Confederacy and her leaders. He returned to his room at the National Hotel after midnight. He could not sleep. From Chasing Lincoln's Killer. Copyright by James L. Used by permission of Scholastic Press. Your download helps support NPR programming. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Don't Tell Me! Not only was that assertion wrong I found that Chasing Lincoln's Killer is better written then some of the adult oriented history books I've read.

    Author James Swanson has done his research and done it well. Based on his adult book Ma As someone interested in Presidential assassinations I got this book for the subject matter rather then for its reading level. Based on his adult book Manhunt which I have yet to read Swanson doesn't make the mistake many writers of history books for younger readers do: Swanson uses his research to explain the backgrounds of the people involved and the context of the events taking place.

    Thankfully he does it without being either patronizing to readers who know the story or being boring to those who don't. Swanson also treats the book more like a novel then a history book with his attention to details and events. Swanson doesn't just list events he describes them and goes into detail about them, giving the reader rare insight into the events of mid-April by bringing words to the mouths of long dead historical figures from actual words of those involved in the events.

    Swanson's descriptions of the places where the manhunt took Booth and his accomplices are worthy of any well-written novel and rarely found in the pages of a history book.

    If there is any fault in the book it is that the first half of the book is dedicated to the events surrounding the assassination itself. Considering that the book is intended to focus on the manhunt that ensued after the assassination the first half of the book approximately focuses exclusively on the events of April 14th, While Swanson moves this section quickly and as well described as the rest of the book it seems a shame that half the book is spent on the assassination while other sections in particular the trial of the conspirators come across as being too short.

    Yet while half the book is spent on events that surround the assassination, Chasing Lincoln's Killer is still a fine historical read. With its attention to dialogue and details, the book reads more like a novel then your average history book. The fact that it is written for a younger audience doesn't mean that Swanson brings the story down to its basics. The book is a gripping real life story that must be read to be believed. Sep 24, Jim rated it it was ok Shelves: Frankly, even if this is YA, students deserve a little better.

    Not that it is terrible, but it felt repetitive and padded. Would have been better if it had been tightened up.

    Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

    Some may say that would make it boring, but I don't think so. It did have one benefit for me: I completely changed my formerly sympathetic attitude toward Dr. Apr 24, Kalena W rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a read-aloud book and we only got 31 pages in, but from what I could tell this book was really interesting. I would want to read this book myself, so hopefully someday.

    We are still kind of reading it but not enough to count it anymore as a book. We are still reading this book, but we are not appreciating it as a book so I am still not going to count it completely.

    I will write a review if we finish it. Jun 08, Natalia rated it liked it. One of the best nonfiction books i have read so far. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to read nonfiction. Jan 03, Erin Kelly rated it really liked it.

    Well-written and succinct. View 1 comment. Oct 21, Jessica rated it really liked it.

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was really well written, so distinguishing the purpose towards writing the book was fairly simple.

    Chasing Lincoln's Killer was written to give new, fun and interesting facts upon this well known topic. Living in a land known for Lincoln you would assume this subject is forced into our skulls at a young age, but really its nice to hear new information and perspective. Instead of the view of Lincoln or any other person who witnessed the scene, now we are given the view of Booth and his This book was really well written, so distinguishing the purpose towards writing the book was fairly simple.

    Instead of the view of Lincoln or any other person who witnessed the scene, now we are given the view of Booth and his accomplices. The authors style is very educational and has a nice flow between facts and explanation.

    First of all, it is written in and expository style allowing for the writer to explain and analyze a certain subject. In this case the story focuses on the days after Lincoln was assassinated. Also, this book is written so that the subject is narrated in a story like style to where the facts flow together.

    Then, in order for the book to make sense the author went into great detail so that the reader can see what is happening. These styles were very effective because it allows the story to flow and become visual imagery for the reader. The themes of this book are fairly simple to find starting with that no matter how much you plan, it can all be thrown out the window at any minute.

    In Booths case, he broke his leg in the process, got lost, was denied access to safe havens, and was trapped by his own loyal friends. Also, the book teaches the recurring theme: For Booth the crime was assassination of the US president and his time was his life.

    This becomes evident when Both faces many struggles like waiting for openings to run from Unionists and being killed in a struggle against forces much bigger than him. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this book because I am not usually one to enjoy Nonfiction.

    Chasing Lincoln's killer

    It was the kind of book that just grabs your attention and keeps it there till the last few pages. I loved the new factual information rarely told about in the monotonous history books. This made the book interesting because you don't know what was coming up next, unless you majored in the subject.

    The only thing I disliked, was the beginning when it talks about the events before and the killing of Lincoln. It dragged on for a couple of chapters and I almost ended up rooting for Booth to kill him already. So obviously if I were to change the book I would speed up the beginning, but also add more factual information.

    This book is very similar to another Nonfiction book I once read called The Dark Game because of the factual information it supplies the reader.

    Chasing was way better in the fact that it was chronological and just flowed better between facts. Sep 20, Kathleen Lake cusick rated it it was amazing. Have you ever wanted to be like a fly on the wall, or on the sidelines of the most influential moments in world history?? Did you ever ponder what was it like for Napoleon in his final days in power at Waterloo, or who Hitler was conversing with and what they were saying at the end of World War II?

    Well if these lesser known facts interest you, then this story would be for you. The author has pieced together the events surrounding one of the most horrific events in American history, the assassin Have you ever wanted to be like a fly on the wall, or on the sidelines of the most influential moments in world history?? The author has pieced together the events surrounding one of the most horrific events in American history, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He has done a superb job of taking first-hand accounts, actual conversations, and historical anecdotes to fashion a tale that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat.

    Even though you ultimately know the final outcome, he keeps your interest with the excellent writing and elaborate details. From describing how John Wilkes Booth and his henchmen originally concocted the doomed plan to kidnap President Lincoln to save the Confederacy , to the botched assassination plot to eliminate the top three leaders of the Union Government, the author weaves a story that has largely been omitted from the history books.

    Until now, only those with an interest in US or military history would know much of the detail, but the author has created an interesting rendition and given one last gift of Lincoln to America, the gift of a great story.

    Dec 15, Jacki rated it really liked it Shelves: The YA edition of Manhunt: The Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer describes the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln, the assassination, and for the most part, the hunt to capture John Wilkes Booth and his gang of co-conspirators. A short, exciting read. A great entry in the category of non-fiction that reads like fiction, Swanson's reconstruction of events is a page-turner.

    Unlike many YA adaptations of adult non-fiction, the book never feels like something was left out or thinned Summary: Unlike many YA adaptations of adult non-fiction, the book never feels like something was left out or thinned down too much.

    The plot switches between the hunted assassin and the dying president, holding onto the connection between the two storylines, and also details other assassination attempts usually left out of the history books. Rather than focusing on the dry facts, the author tries to inject emotion by imagining how the participants must have felt, with some degree of success.

    Sometimes the book goes over the top with the dramatics and the lionization of Lincoln. Yes, assassinating a president is a bad idea. Got it! Mar 08, Kim Nemeth rated it liked it. While this book was interesting it's not on the top of my list of books to recommend to my middle school students for a few reasons.

    I found the characters to be somewhat confusing I listened to the audiobook so this may have added to my confusion.

    While there was a great deal of historical information I am always looking for history that will aid students in understanding the curriculum material and I didn't feel this book offered that. A better choice, in my mind is The Notorious Benedict Arn While this book was interesting it's not on the top of my list of books to recommend to my middle school students for a few reasons.

    A better choice, in my mind is The Notorious Benedict Arnold: Overall, a good book for those interested in history but not looking for curricular links. May 27, Laura Novobilsky rated it liked it. Liked it. Needed a book to read at the pool and didn't have time to get to the library. Borrowed this from my 8th grader who had read it in class. Easy read but very informative. Aside from knowing that John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln at Ford's Theater, I knew very little about any other details about the killing or manhunt that followed.

    This book was quick read it is written for kids but gave all the facts in an interesting account. Mar 15, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: My daughter started this book and abandoned it after just a little bit. I can understand. It was a little boring at the beginning and doesn't grab you at all. However, if you give it a little more time then you really want to, it gets better and interesting.

    I doubt I can convince daughter to revisit, oh well, I liked it overall. Oct 21, Trina rated it really liked it. Easy to read. Gave some information that I was not aware of about Lincoln's death. Apr 17, Peter added it. The book intimately follows Booth and his partner through the woods as they try to escape into the South and reinvent their identities. The story is relatively easy to follow and entertaining enough to lose track of the pages.

    The book has only been published once originally on February 1st, by the Scholastic Press. The author, James Swanson is known for writing nonfiction books detailing the assassinations of presidents and the significance of law in the United States. Swanson himself has served on the United States Department of Justice and is passionate about collecting artifacts related to past presidents. John Wilkes Booth himself was a famous actor during his lifetime who was adored and praised by many.

    However, Booth was an extreme racist who disapproved of African Americans in more than one way for the majority of his life. Enraged by the outcome of the Civil War, Booth decided to form a private confederate club of supporters to avenge the South and restore slavery.

    Many of his early plots failed, including one to kidnap the president.

    However, his plans changed when Washington announced the president would publicly attend a performance at the theatre he worked at during the same day. Later that night, Booth was able to retrieve his stashed weapons and successfully shoot Lincoln as he sat in this seat above the stage. The same night associate Powell successfully wounded, but failed to murder Secretary of State William Seward.

    The vice president remained unharmed. After jumping to the stage, Booth ran through the back door to mount his horse. He rode directly to the bridge that left Washington. There he convinced the guards to let him past on the account he was running late to a show. He then rode to a tavern where he met with his fellow partner Harold, and the team then set out on a journey towards the South and evaded capture for more than twelve days.

    Each chapter sequentially follows the events right before and after president Lincoln was murdered, keeping the time period in which the story takes place relatively short. Although the events in the book are described accurately, the genre is labeled as historical fiction because the dialog and thoughts of Booth himself could not be recorded.

    This story exposes the reality of the events that unfolded after the death of the president who saved the country from an inevitable split. In depth, Swanson is able to provide a glimpse into the past without ruining the entertainment value. Aug 29, Michael Prieto rated it really liked it.

    The clear theme of this novel is that you should own and expect your consequences. This is a theme because in this book the main characters do a horrible thing and they should own and expect there consequences. It takes place in multiple states and cities.

    Including, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D. It is when it all starts. Booth was planning to get the most attention by killing the president. Finally, George Atzerodt was accepted to kill the vice president. Booth is the only one to succeed and then him and Herold met up. As the other conspirators get caught one by one Herold and Booth try to make there way to the deep south. There are many close calls and mistakes made by the both of them.

    It is a fantastic book that includes everything that a reader wants. Overall, this book was great but, it had some cons. In some spots in Chasing Lincoln's Killer it felt very slow.

    For example at one point Herold and Booth were stuck in the woods for 3 or 4 days. It felt extra slow because it explained how the food got to them, what they were thinking, and how comfortable they were every single day. Other than that the story line keep a good pace and the rest of my reading experience was fine.

    This book would be enjoyed by any male middle schooler. This is because the book involves a lot of murder and blood. Also all the character in this novel are boys, and it would be awkward for a girl to red about a book just about boys.

    In conclusion, this book kept me interested and reading throughout the entirety of the book. Jan 02, Dylan Collins rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: People who like the civil war.

    To further understand my review I will state some information about the book without spoiling it.

    Every person is real and was alive during this time period. This book is about John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln. They are trying to track him down and also try to explain why he would kill the president.

    It has accounts from multiple people and also, it is put in a story form to interest the reader. There are many reasons I gave this book 5 stars. One reason was the way it was written, how it was in a story type setting but jammed pack with information about the death of Lincoln and who Booth was.

    I liked that about this book because most books are either packed full of boring information or have little information but are very exciting to read. Another reason I enjoyed this book was that I like to read about American history. This book isn't necessarily super difficult to read but it was very interesting to me and probably many others who have a higher reading level. This was because it was in depth with its information and kept you wanting to know more and sort of questioning what happened.

    There are a lot of reasons that I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars but I would end up spoiling it.


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